SKATOR GATOR was just minding his own business when those greedy capitalist robots started ruining his swamp! I mean they’re draining the peat bog just to make mini golf courses!? Skate across their oil pipelines towards the city to advocate for change and cause some mayhem along the way.

  • High octane, lane-based platforming challenges
  • 20+ levels to unlock
  • 5 gators to release into the swamp
  • Can you beat the developer times on each level?

We're also proud to announce that proceeds from Skator Gator's launch will be going towards a great environmental benefit - protecting alligator habitats through wetland conservation, thanks to The Nature Conservancy and their "Adopt-an-Acre" program! Our specific area is the Gulf Coast region where alligators are frequently found.

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[Made in 2020]


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SkatorGator_Windows (9-24-20).zip 61 MB
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SkatorGator_Linux (9-24-20).zip 62 MB
SG_GameManual.pdf 6 MB

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No h8trs only sk8tr g8trs
But seriously this game is so delightful


I LOVE the art! I'm a sucker for hand drawn art.


its so so good everyone needs to play this game


This game is super adorable and a blast to play. I just love this game so much. The art, rocking soundtrack, great level design and just, gah, everything. Very well done!


This game is adorable I really appreciate the cause y'all are putting proceeds toward! Shred on them capitalists, Greenjamin!!!


Secretly the best skateboard game to release in 2020


Only played the first world so far but you guys nailed it! very very nice game


I would die for this G8r