A downloadable game

Greenjamin Gator makes the jump to 3D in this bite-sized sequel to Skator Gator!

After the deed to his swamp is stolen, Greenjamin Gator grabs his skateboard to jump, dash, and grind his way to retribution. Help Greenjamin save his swamp one more time!

The old crosses over with the new in 14 new levels!

The lane-based platforming of classic Skator Gator crosses over with new 3D platforming areas that'll have you exploring every nook and cranny.

Pick your path and go for speed, collection, or both!

Whether you're pushing to collect everything or you're racing to the end as quickly as possible, levels will have all sorts of paths for you to travel.

Experience familiar powerups and enemies in a new dimension!

Classic Skator Gator powerups like the wings and enemies like the M07H make a return, and will influence your platforming in new and familiar ways.