CASTLEBOAT is a card-based tower defense game about building an insanely tall tower on the deck of your ship and using its weapons to protect the world from sea monsters. It’s a castle...on a boat……….(title pending).

This version is an early PROTOTYPE meant to demonstrate the overworld and the battle system.


Press "R, M, and G" keys to skip dialogue or battles if you're stuck.

  • Keyboard
    • WASD: Navigate Menus / Change Map Node
    • Spacebar: Use Card, Confirm Selection / Advance Dialogue
    • X: Next Phase
    • ESC: Pause Game
  • Controller
    • Left Stick: Navigate Menus
    • A Button: Confirm Selection / Advance Dialogue
    • X Button: Next Phase
    • Start Button: Pause Game

Known Bugs:

  • WebGL only: If you stop playing the game by leaving/refreshing the page w/o quitting from within the game first it doesn't save properly.


Castleboat_Prototype (9-20-20).zip 47 MB


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it would be nice to have a somethin to tell you how to shoot

love it love it want more of it! Jack's music is amazing as always

Also I super expected to be able to use the mouse and it was weird that I couldn't

I enjoyed the battle system. Took me a second to realized what was going on at first. There was quite a bit of dialogue, but thankful there was a way to skip them.

Too much dialogues, need to redraw much sprites.